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November 4, 2009

Lost: The Past and Future for Juliet – Elizabeth Mitchell talks about returning to the show in the final season.

By now, most Lost fans are aware that while Elizabeth Mitchell will no longer be a series regular on the show in its final season — having taken on the lead role in ABC’s new series V — she will still be reprising her role as Juliet in Season 6.

Per usual on Lost, Mitchell is sworn to secrecy regarding how, where and why we will see Juliet again, but when I spoke to her recently on the set of V, she noted she’d already made some trips to Hawaii to shoot scenes for the new season, and would be returning there soon.

As to how it felt to return to the show after a short absence, Mitchell remarked, “It’s all really the same. You know, I was wondering about that… because a lot of times, people come back onto the show and I was like, ‘it must feel weird for them.’ But it didn’t. It was just, ‘Oh, hi everybody!’”

Looking back on when she first joined the show in Season 3, Mitchell recalled, “I had a great time the first time around. I had to come in completely there and very strong, because that’s how the character was. I don’t think I stepped on any toes. I tried to do my work as quietly as possible, but it was Matthew [Fox] and I, and he’s certainly up for a good fight.” Mitchell laughed and jokingly acted tough, adding, “I got in there and Matthew and I were just instantly, “Alright, alright…’ We were behind this glass panel, kind of pacing and looking at each other.”

Summing up her experience on the show, Mitchell noted, “As far as Lost goes, I can’t believe they welcomed me the way they did and it’s the same way now. They’re just good people.” She then pointed at her V set, and added, “There’s good people here too! I don’t know what keeps happening to me, but it’s much surprising. It doesn’t usually happen.”

I can easily say that Mitchell is one of the friendliest, most outgoing people I’ve interviewed and when it’s suggested to her that it’s because she brings such good vibes to a set that she keeps receiving them, she replied, “I hope that’s true! All I know is that was not the case earlier in my career, so I’m really happy now! All the young actors we have now [on V], I try to be as kind to as possible, because I swear, I got freaking run over!”

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