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V: Erica and Lisa’s Alliance
Elizabeth Mitchell and Laura Vandervoort talk about their characters joining forces to battle Anna in Season 2.

When I visited the set of V early this fall, it was a day off for Elizabeth Mitchell. However, the Lost alum graciously had come in anyway, in order to speak to the group of press I was a part of.

Sitting in the conference room of the FBI set where her character works, Mitchell spoke about how Season 1 of V ended with Visitor queen Anna (Morena Baccarin) unleashing Red Sky, whose first result was obvious and implicit in its name. So was Mitchell happy with the reveal of what Red Sky actually is? While she wouldn’t give us details, she did say, with a grin, that it was, “Really cool. What I loved is I had all these hopes for what I thought it would be, like I’d kind of written it in my head. And then it was actually better!”

Mitchell promised that in Season 2, “All kinds of really horrifying things happen, which is great.” Of course Mitchell’s character, Erica, destroyed all of Anna’s eggs in the finale, and as Mitchell observed, “That tends to get to a mother! She doesn’t seem to suspect me yet, but that’s probably coming… I think if I keep making such bold moves, she’ll figure it out. I’m happy about that. I don’t feel like we should feel like anybody’s safe. I kind of love the idea that all of us could get bumped off with the slightest provocation. That, to me, is exciting. I try to keep that going.”

Even while Erica needs to be careful with Anna [we watched Baccarin film a scene with Morris Chestnut, but unfortunately, they both were too busy filming that day to be interviewed], she has a new ally in Anna’s daughter, Lisa, played by Laura Vandervoort. As Vandervoort explained, “Lisa’s going to the human side. She’s realized that the V’s aren’t quite what they appear to be and that her mother is actually evil and she’s decided that the humans have a nicer way about them. And the motherly instinct that Erica’s shown to her – she’s loving the emotions. She’s never had that before.”

Mitchell laughed about the fact that Erica is becoming a motherly figure to Lisa, even though when it comes to Erica’s actual son, Tyler (Logan Huffman), “I mess up so much! But maybe that happens, you know? Maybe if you don’t mess them up so much from birth you can do a better job. With Anna though as [Lisa’s] mother, I feel like I win! I’m like, ‘Well, I’m not going to hit you across the head and break your legs,’ so we’re good!”

Both Vandervoort and Mitchell hinted at some darker shadings for Tyler this season, with Vandervoort saying, “[Lisa’s] seeing a side of him she’s never really noticed before and it’s making her question how she feels about him and seeing that maybe he’s more like her mother than she realized.” Mitchell said that when it came to Tyler and Erica, “Sometimes I can reel him back in. I’m doing everything I can. I use every tool that I have to get him back, so hopefully that works… It didn’t work so well with Anakin!”

Mitchell reiterated V‘s producers’ statements that Season 2 will remedy a complaint many had in Season 1 – that the resistance against the Vs was too small. “I think that they’re trying to be a little more offensive, which is nice,” Mitchell remarked. “They’re actually getting into it. We have a lot of new people; new resistance members. So the whole thought of, ‘Wouldn’t it be nicer if there were more people…?’ It’s obviously something that everyone thought. We need the resistance to be bigger. Like in the original V, it got to be so nice and big and wonderful, and I feel like that’s where we’re going a little bit – but still keeping it personal. Still keeping the people that we like. And we’re getting more into who these people are, but in a fun, dramatic way. So it is still very plot driven, but the characters are getting more interesting.”

Mitchell also noted that Erica will get a new partner this season, played by Jay Karnes (The Shield, Burn Notice), revealing that they have a history and, “He has something on her. He knows her really well. I like that. We don’t know anyone who knows her from the past.”

With Anna’s daughter secretly rebelling against her, Vandervoort feels it’s likely that eventually they’ll be more of a direct war between them. Would that be the case, she let it be known she’d be happy to show Lisa’s physical side, saying, “I would love to get some action, in terms of fighting, because with my martial arts background and [playing Smallville‘s] Supergirl and everything, I love doing action and Lisa hasn’t really had a chance to do that. The Vs don’t necessarily have to lift a finger. If you’re royalty, you have people do that for them, but I think Lisa is going to kind of be out on her own and she’s going to get right involved in a war and hopefully kick some V butt.”

Some of my fellow journalists asked Mitchell whether Erica could get a love interest this season, and several possibilities were brought up, including Father Jack (Joel Gretsch), Hobbes (Charles Mesure), or the new Fifth Column cell leader played by Oded Fehr (The Mummy). Noting her character’s previously chaste time on the show, Mitchell joked that Erica should just date all of those guys at the same time, saying, “You know, wouldn’t it be wonderful if she went from being ‘Absolutely not,’ to, ‘You know what, there’s Monday through Friday! So let’s schedule it…'” She laughed, adding, “I love that idea, actually!” Though later during our conversation, when all of the tension between Erica and Anna was brought up, Mitchell couldn’t help but quip, “Maybe that’s my love affair… Anna!”

V: Season 2 premieres Tuesday, January 4th at 9:00pm on ABC.

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