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A love interest is also in the cards for Erica as we get into the second season. “It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s promising. I think I’m like the Virgin Queen. There’s that thing, truly, of ‘oh, it’s gonna happen.’ I’m like ‘Really? Really, is it gonna happen? When is it gonna happen?’ That’s supposed to be coming,” she says, although she does not know who the love interest will be. When one journalist jokingly suggested Marcus [Anna’s right hand man], Elizabeth revealed that she and Christopher Shyer had actually discussed the notion. “Christopher and I really enjoyed working together,” she reveals. “We were thinking, ‘wouldn’t that be the move no one would expect?’ It would be really fun.” Getting serious, Elizabeth Mitchell then talked abot who she thinks are the two men that are most on Erica’s mind as far as romantic interests go. “I love the idea of both Father Jack and Hobbes. I do. I love Father Jack because he’s the best of all of us. To me, anyway. With the way that he is, and who he is, and maybe it’s just the fact that Joel is so lovely. But you know, Charlie [Mesure, who plays Hobbes] is smokin’ hot, so I feel like there’s that. And he’s the bad boy, which is always enticing. I just would want to make it real. I mean, he is a mercenary who kills innocents on occasion. I feel like maybe that might be a little bit of an obstacle.”

When she’s not seeing love, Erica will be seeing action, and Mitchell has revealed that many action sequences are coming soon to our TV screens. “I got so bruised a week ago, and I think it’s great, of course. I come home and I’m like ‘YEAH!’ and my husband’s like ‘Not fun for me. Not fun for me. Don’t like it.’ It was great. We’ve had a bunch. I’ve been flipping people around, although a week ago I just got the c-r-a-p (I have a five year old, I have to spell it) beat out of me. I got decimated. And then we’ll have to see if I came about. I mean, I seem to still be on the show, but it doesn’t look good.” As for who did the beating, Mitchell won’t tell us who did it. “I can’t say. I wish I could, but it’s a big reveal. But I do get completely decimated.”