The second season finale of V airs on Tuesday night, March 15 on ABC, and if you’re a fan of the humans-vs.-aliens sci-fi reinvention, you’re probably hoping that it’s the end of the season rather than the end of the show.

Classic V star Marc Singer joins Jane Badler as one of the guests on this episode. In the original series, Singer played do-gooder Mike Donovan in the resistance against the V’s. Now, the face of the Resistance is Erica Evans, played wonderfully by fan favorite Elizabeth Mitchell.

Mitchell took the time to speak with several media outlets about the season finale, which is titled “Mother’s Day” and airs at 9PM (ET) Tuesday. In her interview with KSiteTV, she previews the episode and reflects on some of the more controversial aspects of the second year, including her character’s relationships with Kyle Hobbes and Father Jack Landry.

Very controversial among the fandom lately has been the romance between Erica and Hobbes. How do you think Erica will respond once she finds out what Hobbes had to do with Joe’s death?

ELIZABETH MITCHELL: Oh! Oh my gosh! She’d kill him! That, to me, is what makes it so delicious. But then again, I’m kind of an odd person.

Obviously, you’re sitting there watching the screen and you’re like “Don’t do it! Okay he’s really cute, but don’t do it! He’s a bad guy!” So no. Not good. I mean, he’s betrayed her every which way. But, you know, she’s in a massive amount of pain, so I feel like something was going to break, and I guess that was it.

What is Erica’s relationship currently like with Jack at this point?

She’s kind of estranged from Jack. But yet, to me, what was so tragic about that is that she was calling him to make up. She was calling him to try to be human again, and to have him talk to her and to have him be her conscience again. And then he didn’t pick up the phone. So, it’s so fascinating to me, that the little angel doesn’t answer, but the Devil just crashes right in. Obviously it’s not that black and white, given that Hobbes is not pure evil, but it is interesting.

How has Anna taking Tyler under her wing affected Erica this season?

It’s made her feel powerless, and by feeling powerless, she’s upped the power. It’s made her absolutely determined to get him back, and to make sure that he’s safe, which he is most definitely not right now, because he’s up there.

It’s creepy. He’s got another mother, and my husband didn’t even get remarried, so it’s horrible!

How has the Fifth Column changed in the course of Season Two, and what challenges do they face in the finale?

We’ve gotten so much bigger. That’s really how the Fifth Column has changed. Erica started out as a very moral, very awesome and wonderful leader, and she’s changed into this determined, dark, fury-driven [person] with the absolute will to defeat Anna. So I think that in some ways, she’s gotten a lot stronger. She’s definitely gotten a lot stronger as a woman, and as a leader. But I think that she’s lost a tremendous amount of her humanity in the process.

Do you share any scenes with Marc Singer in the finale?

I do.

Are you allowed to say anything about them?

I’m allowed to tell you that I thought he was wonderful. He’s the kind of guy that you want to work with. He was strong, and manly, and prepared, and supportive as a fellow actor, but still very manly. I enjoyed him tremendously.

What was your reaction upon reading the V finale script?

The script was funny, because it was so huge. It was so huge that I thought “how are we ever gonna do this?” And then, as we always do, we just did. We made kind of a little movie. And I hope people like it.

We all know why the fans would like one, but why would you like to see a third season of V?

I’d like to have a third season of V because I’m a sci-fi geek, and because I would like to see this battle actually get going. I’d like to see all of those things happen. I’d love to see more of what happens on the V ship. I would love to see more about how exactly our Fifth Column goes about it. And I would also love to see more humanity. I’d love to see more richness in our world, as to why it is that we’re so important to save.

I’d like to see both of the cultures and explore it more. And of course, I’d like to win. [laughs] I’d like to defeat Anna and save the world, but I think that goes without saying.

Will it be bittersweet to do a third year when there are certain members of the cast seeing their end in the finale?

You know, it would be bittersweet. It always is. I got used to it on LOST. We were losing people all the time, and being a casualty myself, and I think that that’s part of it. You become a family, and it’s always hard to see someone go. Always.

Do you know anything about any storylines that might have changed as a result of having a shorter season this year?

I don’t know. I think more likely, things were not elaborated on. There are certain tangents, and I believe that those will probably remain a mystery, and really, what we focused on was the essential questions. So I don’t know that we missed part of the V’s against humans, the humans against the V’s, but we definitely probably missed a few character journeys that we didn’t get to go down, which is too bad, because all of our actors are so gifted.

Is there a moment that you’re still waiting for with Erica that hasn’t happened yet?

Yeah, I want for her to win. [laughs] And I’m also waiting — I’ve always loved Father Jack, and I love Hobbes, and I love how she is with both of them, but I do think there’s a whole story with Father Jack that we haven’t explored yet. I love that. He’s such a good man. He’s such a good person. And I feel like to lose him is a sad thing – to have her not be friends with him, to have him not be her touchstone, is hard.

Why should people be sure to tune in on Tuesday?

Well, it’s a finale, and the thing about finales is that everybody’s going to have to put everything they can into it. If you like this show to begin with, it’ll probably twice as much as that. That’s what’s fun for me with finales. They put more money into them [laughs], we work longer hours, we’re tried emotionally and physically, and that leads to some really good drama. So I think that any kind of end of a show, especially end of a sci-fi reality action show popcorn thriller – I think the finale is definitely at time to tune in.