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February 4

(Translation from French)

Solar, passionate and warm, the American actress has only good memories of this European adventure and of her character.
Elizabeth Mitchell talks about her career. In her company the time went by way too fast.

What made you decide to join this completely revised third season of Crossing Lines?
Donald Sutherland … I have always dreamed to work with him. I was also excited to give life to a new female character as strong as Carine. At the moment, there are beautiful roles for women on tv, more different, more memorable, better roles. It’s funny because when I was 18 years old, at the beginning of my career, I was told that I would have had opportunities till 30 years old … Actually I got roles of great heroines since I was 35 years old.

How did you get into the skin of Carine Strand?
I start off from her intelligence and I wondered about the path of this human being, so empathic, so hurt, who was a victim herself. How has she been able to get through what happened to her?
I was also inspired by a friend of a friend of mine, but she does not know that! This person works for the CIA, she is both confident, strong and feminine but very sweet.
This kind of kindness could be dangerous, a steel fist in a velvet glove.
Ultimately, I also get inspired by myself as a mother. With children, you need to be protective but also determined.

What are the challenges for your character?
Carine has been an inspector for so long. For the first time in her life, she is in the leading position and she will need to learn how to put her ego aside and to bring out the best of her the team.
If I had to describe her in three words, I would say that she is elegant, full of flaws and strong.

Was it easy to fit into Crossing Lines’ old team?
I didn’t feel lost at all. The actors from previous seasons made us feel very welcome. We were from all nationalities but everyone spoke English perfectly, or in the case of Tom Wlaschiha mastered all the languages! I tried to be kind by learning some words, it was a lot fun for me! Let me tell you, German is easier than Czech!

How would you define this Crossing Lines 2.0?
Almost the entire cast has have changed, which is rare! (Laughs). We spend more time with Donald’s character and more time behind the scenes of the international justice. This changes the dynamics of the show because Donald Sutherland has a crazy energy.

Crossing Lines takes place in Europe. Did this have an influence on the stories of the show?
The cases the characters work on are about current events: everyone will recognize them.
The episode that hit me the most was the one about the traffic of human beings.
The problem doesn’t only concern countries far away from us. In Seattle I met a taxi driver who told me there is the same problem there. It’s important to raise public awareness.

Do you have a favorite memory of this adventure?
My scenes with Donald Sutherland. He understands the characters so well, it’s so intense. Once I even cried.
In another occasion, he saw me while I was doing handstands – I was willing to let my blood rush into my head (laughs) -. He said: “It’s very disturbing!”.
I also loved filming with Goran. It is like spending the day with your own best friend. He takes care of you, he doesn’t make fun of you but when you make a joke, he doesn’t say anything.

What are your upcoming projects?
I filmed The Purge 3. I play a candidate for the White House, who is against the violence of the purge’s night.
I will work again with the creators of “Once upon a time”, in a horror series of 13 episodes called “Dead of Summer”. I love these writers, I worked with them also on “Lost”.

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