February 4

(Translation from French)

Second meeting with Elizabeth Mitchell, after Cannes, I met the actress in Paris.
After watching the first three episodes of Crossing Lines season 3 I talked with her about her character: Inspector Carine Strand.
New season, new start!

Does Crossing Lines Season 3 give the impression of a reboot?
Elizabeth Mitchell: “It may be a shock to the public because it is completely different. You know in USA there are Law & Order and Law & Order: SVU, they have the same skeleton but they are completely different. I watched the first two seasons of Crossing Lines and I think there were some very good actors. But I feel that this is a new start for the show.”

How does it feel to be the newest member on set?
Elizabeth Mitchell: “It’s funny because we all started at the same time except for Donald (Sutherland), Tom (Wlaschiba) and Lara (Rossi). It seemed to start something new with great respect for Tom and Lara and what they did before. It felt like it was a new show and it doesn’t give the impression that people were replaced. I did not feel like stealing a role because there were no problem with previous talents. It’s simply a new idea. “

Did Carine Strand bring some US working methods in the ICC?
Elizabeth Mitchell: “It’s a good question! I do not think there’re some American investigation methods. I think she has an American sensibility. She is half American, half Swedish. She is not a cop who smashes doors, she is not a New York cop. That’s not her style, I love it but it’s not her. She is more a quiet police, intellectual and thoughtful. Somehow, I think Goran’s character is more American, he is passionate and he wants things to go faster. But his way of talking to people is very direct like in USA. “

Give us your impression of Donald Sutherland: is he impressive?
Elizabeth Mitchell: “He is so brilliant, so intelligent, so lively. I was always careful, I always memorized my lines because I knew that he knew his lines by heart. He is generous, at least he was generous to me. You rise yourself intellectually when you meet him. He knows exactly what he does. You gotta admire him, he’s funny. I think that’s the smartest person I’ve ever been in touch with. He is really terribly smart. He knows all the poems he read and he can recite them all. Really terribly smart. In addition, he is charming and elegant. This is not someone you turn your back on. “

How was filming the show with Goran Visnjic?
Elizabeth Mitchell: “I love Goran. We understood each other. He is the male version of me actually. He’s really beautiful so you have to get through that. This is annoying, we agree, he’s just really gifted. But what I like about him is that he’s really kind. He is a hard worker, he doesn’t create caos. He isn’t a diva and it’s pretty rare for someone who is that beautiful. I am grateful to work with him and I think he’s really good “

We can hope for a romance between Marco and Carine?
Elizabeth Mitchell: “I really hope because what a waste if this would not be the case! There are some cute things between them.”

Can we expect a season 4?
Elizabeth Mitchell: “I signed a contract for two more years and so did Goran.”

You did 14 episodes of ER as Dr. Kim Legaspi? Is this a ER reunion?
Elizabeth Mitchell: “I didn’t have the opportunity to spend time with Goran during ER. I did a season. It was not for me. I love the show and watched it but it feels like to read a dictionary. I’m not very good at that. “

Most of the series you’ve been in like Lost, V, Revolution or Once Upon A Time are fantasy or adventure show but Crossing Lines is a procedural show. Is this new for you? Did you change your kind of shows?
Elizabeth Mitchell: “No. Actually, the most important thing for me is the character. I chose the show when the characters are interesting. I just want to play women with layers to work on. I want to embody their stories in the way it feels right to me.
It’s the only thing that is important to me. I am determined on this point. I read the scripts and I am fascinated by the dialogues. But in my perception of me or of what I do, I don’t think I thought about it a lot.
For me, the latest best female roles of these years are in fantasy or science fiction. For reasons unknown to me when you are in a fantasy world, nobody thinks that a woman has responsibilities. However, I think it’s interesting to be in a real world and get to play a woman who is in chief of a team.”

About Once Upon A Time, will Ingrid be back in Storybrooke or the winter is over for good?
Elizabeth Mitchell: “All I can say is that this is not the last time I work with Adam and Eddy. I’m lucky to play a character that people want to see.”

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