{ This interview is a translation from Hungarian }

The actress joins the show “Crossing Lines” as a new character and the new season premieres tonight at 9 o’clock on AXN.

Carine Strand is a brand new character on the show.What we should know about her?
– She spent ten years in the Chicago Police Department, then she came to work in Europe. Now she works in the Hague for the International Criminal Court and she becomes the team leader at the end of the second episode. She always wanted to achieve that and she’s worked so hard all her life to get it.

Is there someone of the previous season Carine doesn’t get along with?
– Yes! Sebastian (Tom Wlaschiha). He was in the first ICC team, he’s a genius, but he doesn’t care much about breaking the rules. Carine doesn’t like that, because her goal is to go by the rules in order to use the evidences in a court room. That’s why there are conflicts. They are very polite to each other, but they keep an eye on each other as well.
I like that, Tom creates rivalry and that’s good for the show.

We know that you changed the nature of the characters during the writing process. How did that happen exactly?
– Originally, Carine was a different kind of woman, but it didn’t work. After asking opinions, we started talking about her and the showrunners listened to my ideas. Obviously it was just a small part of the process, but it has been really important to me to be able to talk about what was interesting to me about my character. I highlighted the importance of Carine’s past and its impact in her future.

Has something like that already happened in your career?
– Yes, on Lost. We used to meet up for a coffee to do the same thing. We talked about these themes. This is a huge help for me in order to let my character take shape. It’s a real gift. I love to see someone’s personal view on a character, but in both cases it was beautiful to experiment something new.

What’s different between the American and the European productions?
– I like filming in Europe. I loved Prague, Vienna and Croatia. When I woke up, it felt like being in Heaven. Also the crew was great and I really enjoyed Prague and all the beautiful places close to us.

Filming in Europe is a more relaxing than filming in USA?
– I wouldn’t say that. There are tight deadlines here too, but because of the multicultural nature of the production there’s also more patience, and more eager to see what we can accomplish. I understand what you mean, but we asked several times to be sure there is no misunderstanding. So everything goes fast, but everyone is paying attention better.

How is working with Donald Sutherland?
– I love it! It’s great to work with someone who is so open minded, professional and fun. He’s incredibly clever, he pays attention to everyone. He doesn’t not only pay attention to his own character but also to the others. We talked a lot about Carine’s background. He is passionate and a committed actor.

Is the action-thriller genre new to you?
– I have never played a show like that and I have never thought I could be interested, but being it a multicultural/international show convinced me.

Why don’t you like show about murders?
– I know the ugly side of human nature, but I don’t understand why people are interested in that. Bad guys who cross the countries makes the show more like James Bond, and I can like that. And it gave me the opportunity to familiarize with interesting cultural differences.