Scott Wolf and Elizabeth Mitchell tell MNN it’s easy being green.
Stars of ABC’s sci-fi remake ‘V‘ make the world a better place

“We’ve put in pumps to conserve water, we recycle, and my next car will be a hybrid vehicle,” says Scott Wolf, who plays ambitious news journalist Chad Decker in the remake of the ‘80s alien invasion series V, premiering Nov. 3 on ABC. “I grew up watching Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Lost in Space, so fantasy elements of storytelling have always intrigued me. But the thing that I was attracted to most about this telling was the character development. They found really interesting ways to show how a disparate group of people react to this universal event.”
Elizabeth Mitchell’s character is a composite that didn’t exist in the original V, “So I’ve been given a little bit of a gift in not having to follow in any footsteps,” said the actress, who lives in eco-friendly Seattle when not shooting the series in Vancouver. “My husband and I share one car, we ride our bikes, we recycle, I buy things fresh from the market, where I bring my own bags. It’s just what everybody does. It’s very easy to be green.” Even though she died on Lost last season, it doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of Mitchell. She’ll reappear in the final season of the flashback-happy show, which returns to ABC in January.


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