APRIL 2010

elizabethmitchellmoremagscan.jpg“I jump off cliffs for every project I take.”

As an FBI agent on the ABC series V, Elizabeth Mitchell defends Earth against aliens. As a villain-turned-hero on Lost, which airs its final episode this month, she worked her way around a warped island by pointing guns at a lot of people. Sci-fi roles aside, she’s known for her turn as Angelina Jolie’s lover in the cult film Gia (“I get to kiss some of the most beautiful people,” she says.) Here, she dishes and tells.

To play a badass in V . . . I’m learning martial arts and sword work. I’ve got this massive stick I whip around my body. I feel like a ninja until I hit myself in the head.

If I could have a do-over . . . I probably wouldn’t have worked so soon after CJ [her now four-year-old son with comedian husband Chris Soldevilla] was born. But we were broke, so maybe not working would have been a really bad idea.

I’d like to act alongside . . . Gerard Butler—sincerely, for the hot factor.

I used to hate, but now I love . . . my skin. It was incredibly broken out. Now I’m thankful I had acne because it meant there was plenty of oil in there. It’s helping me with the whole “aging gracefully” thing.

A little-known secret about “Lost”? “The bras they had us wear were so comfortable you’d end up wearing them everywhere,” Elizabeth Mitchell says.

Source: Toknews | More Magazine