MSN, 12 April 2010

V’s Elizabeth Mitchell has revealed she feels “terrible” because she lost weight while filming the action sci-fi show.

The Lost star plays FBI counter terrorist investigator Erica Evans in the remake of 80s TV show, which involves stunts.

Elizabeth revealed: “I’ve lost weight which makes me feel terrible because I’ve always said that women should look the way they look, but you know, when you’re stick fighting and throwing knives all day, you tend to drop a few pounds. and I run a lot, I’m always on my feet and I’m always beating people up.”

Though she won legions of fans as villainous doctor Juliet Burke in Lost, Elizabeth is enjoying playing a hero.

She said: “I’m a 40-year-old female action hero. I just need to be like Arnie and come from a naked position for fighting and I’ll know I’ve arrived, right?”

The actress also revealed she practises kung-fu with her four-year-old son CJ who, along with her husband, has moved to Vancouver while she films.

She joked: “Four-year-olds can hit, man, I’m covered in bruises. CJ said to me recently, ‘Mummy, I’m going to be an actor,’ and I said, ‘That’s great’ and he said, ‘But I’m going to be a real actor, not like you, I’m going to do theatre’.”

V launches on Syfy (formally Sci Fi) on April 13 with a double bill. It continues with single episodes on Tuesdays.

Source: MSN.COM