APRIL 2010

V star Elizabeth Mitchell has laughed at comparisons between the show’s alien leader Anna and US president Barack Obama.

The Lost actress plays FBI counter terrorist investigator Erica Evans in the remake of the cult 80s sci-fi show about alien visitors to earth, which has been interpreted by some right wing factions as an allegory of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Elizabeth laughed: “Oh lucky him – they’re both gorgeous but that’s about the only comparison I can make between the two. I wouldn’t mind having dinner with either one of them.”

She added: “I think people will draw conclusions however they like. For those as far to the left as I am, the right’s interest in the show is completely fascinating. It’s fascinating to me what people do with the Bible, it’s fascinating to me what people do with any work of literature, people can make anything out of anything and I enjoy that.”

The 40-year-old actress was a fan of the original show, but does not feel pressure recreating a cult hit.

She said: “I’m not one for pressure. I don’t do too much to myself to feel pressure, I don’t read too much about myself, I don’t think about it much. I think it’s best for me not to because I’m susceptible to that. ‘Why do they hate me? Why do they love me?’ If it’s a tickle or a stab, it’s just as bad. I watched the original series and I didn’t feel pressure but I definitely felt a need to be respectful. Always.”

V launches on Syfy (formerly Sci Fi) on April 13 with a double bill. It continues with single episodes on Tuesdays.

Source: MSN