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I know you have been talking about this none stop recently, but let’s start off with V. What is in store for your character next season? I hear there are rumors of possible romance. Why would a romance be an important element to the show?

My character is more fun for me this year, more active… tougher. There is a little bit more humor, which I crave. Romance and passion are vital for life and television and with all the gorgeous people on the show to choose from, I can’t really lose. I do throw someone up against a wall… without the intention of killing them… yet.
How has the show changed and evolved since the beginning?
I really think the first season was a great set up for what we’re doing now. We had to create a world and set up lives. We did. Now we get to play.
Now that the show has some freedom to expand beyond the first season and you’ve got past some hurdles, where do you see, or hope to see, the show going?
I’d love to see more action, romance (earned), humor and even higher personal stakes for the characters.
Why do you feel that romance has been earned by your character?
I just like a little romance in my sci-fi. Makes it fun. Can humanize it, in a basic easily understood way. I am a nerd, but I’m still a woman and I like a little romance.
You have some pretty physically demanding scenes coming up. How do you prepare for these? What is your worst bruise thus far from V, or even LOST for that matter? How does this show compare to the physical aspects of LOST?

I box, do Karate, Judo and weapons training. I run, swim and do what I call agility training, where I run as fast as I can over obstacle strew paths, sometimes up painful hills. I am a freak! I actually like to work out. I am grateful everyday to have a body that moves.
My biggest bruise was from LOST, actually.  For being bent over the table by Matthew Fox (completely my fault as I was the one responsible of the intensity of impact). It was my first couple of days and I was trying to forgert Matthew Fox was/is ridiculously handsame. So like any fully functional nerdy geek in the presence of hotness, I threw myself around like an idiot. I was flirting.
Tell me about the dynamic of having two strong female leads on V.
I grew up in a family of mostly women and one incredible patient Dad. I love strong women. So, it works for me. Morena is very talented and insanely beautiful and it’s an honor to play alongside her.
How did you grow up in a family of mostly women shape who you are today?
Such a gift, because I get to really see and love women. I see women as sisters not competitors. Truly a gift! I have such amazing friends. Women are magical, fascinating creatures. Happy to be one of them.
Moving over to LOST… we have to, but I will keep it short… What did LOST mean to you?
LOST was huge! Changed my life!
Enough said. What has been the hardest or biggest test for you as an actress so far in your career?
Keeping my joy and patience can be very stressful. Bad behavior is encouraged in this business. I try to resist. Keep it joyful and clean.
Tell me about the balancing act of family and acting.
CJ comes first. As an actress put another person’s needs first is beautiful, difficult and entirely worth it. Selfishness… No time. Neurotic tendency… No time. How do I look? … No time. You get my point.
How has your son changed your view of acting and your career?
My son fills my heart, soul and head. There is a very little room for neurotic rambling or ego driven behavior. Better for the life! Better for the work!
You have been at this for some time. What is the biggest thing you have learned about yourself through it all?
That I truly love what I do! That I have a hard time with people not performing up to their potential. That good writing is a gift. That I can survive with little to no sleep and with a measure of grace as long as my son or my characters are involved.
What is the biggest piece of advice you received earlier in your career?
“You will never work in this business. Ever” This just made me more determinate.
How did you use this advice to push you?
You know, I’m odd, but giving that all the “friendly” people were telling me it would never happen it didn’t seem to hurt…as much… when I encountered rejection in the “real world”, I expected it. I wasn’t a favorite. I was the horse you make the most money off of because no one thinks they can win.
What advise would you give to a rising actress/actor?
Love it and don’t do it for any other reason. You will get beat up, let it flow through and believe what makes you better. Ignore the rest. Support your fellow actors. Learn your lines, be passionate with manners.
You got your start on stage. Do you have any plan to get back on the stage at some point? What do you miss about that experience?
I long for it. I miss the stage. The ability to get up there and do exactly what I want to and no one can save my performance or mess it up. It’s just me. Love that!
Tell us a little about your upcoming film, Answers to Nothing.
I just saw it!What a sweet character. What a mess. It’s a little like Magnolia, people moving through their lives, with despair, with passion, with fear and with grace. It’s a cool little movie, I’m very happy I did it.
Are you drawn to roles where there is a little mystery in the character or a bit of a mess to work though?
Messy characters!My favorites! Truly! Complicated, odd people that people want to hate. Heaven! Complicated is fun and challenging, yet somehow easier for me.
Why are you drawn to complicated characters?
I think people are fascinating. I work really hard on cultivating curiosity rather then jealousy or fear… within reason, healty fear is good. So, I’m drawn to messy.
What else are you working on?
Absolutely nothing! Eating cupcakes and being a Jedi Master with my son.