NBC WonderCon Interview

The interview is from WonderCon and the part with Elizabeth is the Collider Interview. I’m reposting it because the first line is new.

Elizabeth Mitchell: There’s definitely a quest at the end for season two, but it’s not so much what we’ve been questing for in season one.

 On the bigger picture of the show, and what they knew ahead of time about the many mysteries and secrets the show revealed at crucial junctures:

Mitchell: I ask a lot of questions to begin with, and because I’m a dork and a geek and I love my work so much, I write up something and say ‘Does that make sense? Is that true? Did that happen? Is that possible?’ And they usually let me know ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ or ‘Possibly’ or ‘Kind of along those lines’ or that sort of thing. They didn’t feel like I needed to know things, but I did. So, yes, I armed myself, and I think that my five-page ‘Is this true?’ was helpful. I had a couple conversations with Eric and he’s been really good about it. He knows I like to kind of know.

On how they handle the notion of tech-dependence in their own lives:

Mitchell: I take away electronics from my kids all the time, but I always have. Because I don’t love it. I understand that it’s prevalent, and it’s everywhere, but I like us to look each other in the eye. But once that genie’s out of the bottle, it’s almost too late. That’s all they want to do, right? But, yeah, I think about personal interaction. I spent my childhood outside. My mom, we’d come home, and she’d be like, ‘Out, out, out.’ And you’d be like, ‘Okay, sure.’

Source: NBC