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February 4

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Elizabeth Mitchell : “Crossing Lines is a totally new show

Since”Lost”, Elizabeth Mitchell had played a lot of television roles. She now plays Carine Strand in the third season of “Crossing Lines” airs Monday on 13th Street.

Carine is a new character in “Crossing Lines”, what should we know about her?
She is in charge of the investigation team of the ICC. It’s a strong woman, very feminine with a lot of empathy. I like women like that, a little broken and complex.

What made you decide to sign for this third season?
Donald Sutherland of course. He’s so smart and talented and pushes us to give our best.

How is this season different from the first two?
We kept the soul of the first two seasons, but the cast is different. It’s a totally new show. It didn’t feel like a third season, but it’s like to start a new show.

The cases handled by the unit of the ICC are very realistic, are they inspired by real events?
The writers have dug their ideas in newspaper articles. What is incredible is to see that these are very realistic and contemporary cases. The show doesn’t take advantage of the misery of the real facts to make something voyeuristic.

What are the differences between “Crossing Lines” and other crime shows like “NCIS”?
It’s filmed in Europe, which already makes a big difference. The other shows also linger on more global stories while the investigations of “Crossing Lines” deal with people’s lives. Through their stories, the viewer learns what to do if a child is kidnapped and taken to another country.

Did you learn how to hold a weapon and how behave as an investigator?
I didn’t do that for “Crossing Lines” but I did it for “V”. I trained and I spent a lot of time with the police at the time. It was great, fun and I learned a lot. In “Crossing Lines” I mostly brushed up on geopolitics.

You had already worked with Goran Visnjic in “ER”, how did the reunion happen?
I love playing with Goran. He’s kind of really beautiful brother. It’s very easy to work with him.

Can we expect a romance between your two characters?
I love their relationship. He is a lone wolf and tries to bring out his best. They say we are not attracted by each other because we share the same interests, but because we share the same pain. These two characters have experienced tragedies in the past that is why they understand each other. Is this friendship? Is it love? Or is it a perfect work’s collaboration? You have to watch to find out.

“Crossing Lines” every Monday at 20:45 on 13emeRue

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