Press and Guide, 21 May 2010 – About Juliet Burke

MAY 2010

When Elizabeth Mitchell was offered the role of Dr. Juliet Burke — a “motherly sociopath” — who debuted in the third season, she jumped at the chance to work with “Lost” creators J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber, and Damon Lindelof.

“(Juliet) was an abused person … basically doing the best she could under horrific and extraordinary circumstances. By the time, Jack and Sawyer come along, she was so far down a dark path that it took her quite a bit longer than it might normally would for her to swim towards the light, towards who she actually was, which I believe was a pretty decent person,” explained Mitchell. “It was just an interesting study in what could happen to someone’s humanity once it starts to get stripped away. I loved Juliet. I always did. I always thought she was fantastic. Even when people thought she was the creepiest thing they’ve ever seen, I still thought she was pretty cool.”

When asked what made “Lost” such a runaway hit, Mitchell offered: “I’d like to think that the writers had a vision and they stayed true to that vision … We got to see it and I think that made it really fun. I think it was a wonderful mix of actors and that’s not including myself. The characters they created were so strong and so interesting. It was a situation where we all in our lives thought, ‘How would we ever do this? How would that ever happen?’ All of that wish fulfillment seemed to happen on camera. I believed them. I believed all these people. You couldn’t help but identify with someone. I think that’s what made it work… That’s what made it work for me, but everyone else is different.”

Source: pressandguide