Revolution Conference Call – Transcription

About what’s coming up for Rachel

“Rachel has a lot more to do in the second half of the season which is really fun”.

Elizabeth will get to do some action scenes this half of season and says: “My father will be thrilled. I get to do some more action-type stuff”. Her father’s favourite is Linda Hamilton.

Rachel unloads everything in episode 13 about the blackout, her quest is very powerful. We will have more info about what happens at end of the mid season premiere this year.

About Rachel

Elizabeth says Rachel is “such a tragic figure”, and her mindset is on “Revenge, love and trying to do the right thing”, but also good parenting, which she isn’t good at.

Everything is operating at such high stakes she’s sometimes surprised Rachel doesn’t burn out.  “I can’t imagine the stakes getting any higher for my character”.

Rachel is incredibly proactive, making a straight line towards what she wants, but sometimes has a “sociopathic intensity”.

About Rachel & Miles’ relationship

Elizabeth has a scene in the moonlight next to water with Miles and that’s one of her favourite scenes – for the silences as much as for the words. She says Billy Burke was also awesome to watch in that scene.

We will see echoes of what has been & what could be with Miles in the second half of the season.

She does think that there is a thin line between love and extreme hate, tension was there.

About Rachel and Miles’ relationship she thinks it’s deeper and richer than she originally thought, and the characters are the same in their sorrows. They are flawed. She would describe them as wrought with emotions. She loves working with Billy Burke and has fun watching him.

About Revolution

One of her favourite scenes is the screwdriver in episode 1×09 – “People come up to me and say: Now you need me!”.

As a nerd, she was intrigued by the way the season is going to progress – “I think you’ll be satisfied”

Elizabeth finds shooting outdoors challenging, she enjoys that, and shooting a show without electricity. Elizabeth jokes to watch Revolution by candlelight.

Elizabeth talks about filming in Wilmington. The city is lush, gorgeous, plays a part in the show and “we’ve all loved it”.

About Tracy Spiridakos

Elizabeth and Tracy Spiridakos have a very lovely relationship. They talks about their scene being awkward, raw and real. They didn’t really work on the scene ahead because they wanted it to be in the moment and raw.

Elizabeth says that Erick Kripke did a perfect job with their reunion.

About favourite character and stories

“I love complicated good characters” and it’s an “absolute joy” to be with some of the same people she worked with before.

She loves the idea of being able to stream a whole season of a tv show, and says about binge watching: “I love the idea of sitting down to a 24-hour movie. I think it’s great fun.”
Erick Kripke did that with The Wire & Game of Thrones, Elizabeth watched 24 that way.

Elizabeth likes challenges – She ran stadium stairs as a kid.

“I’m a huge fan of adventures. I like to read them, they go on in my head. It’s my passion to escape. Revolution is a swashbuckling love adventure”.
Anything epic and adventurous is a huge draw for her.

About difference between Revolution & Lost

On Revolution they don’t improv that much (like they did on LOST) but Erick Kripke is generous to let them play but want the scripted line as well. It’s usually just little crazy things she has added to her lines.

Elizabeth talks about the cast trying to find scripts and what is coming up on Revolution and that happened on LOST too.

The filming process on Revolution was different from LOST. On Revolution they use more long lenses, feels more like a play. Elizabeth was so used to have the camera right there in her face during LOST.

She loves ensembles. Great work and coming together keeps people happy. On LOST they were all very supportive of each other. The collaboration of a group has always been exciting to her.

When Terry O’ Quinn was mentioned, Elizabeth said “I love him!”.
You can spend time agonizing over scenes or just jump which is what Terry O’ Quinn does, she loves watching that.

Star Wars

Elizabeth also mentioned she’d love to be in Star Wars“I’m campaigning to be a Jedi”.

Angelina Jolie

Elizabeth talks about working with Angelina Jolie in Gia, she hasn’t spoken in a while but “she’s a pretty great lady”.

What Eric Kripke said about Rachel

Rachel and Miles have a very complicated history which they will begin to unveil and explore more.

There will be lots of family conflict still coming up between the Mathesons, Revolution is at its heart a family show.

Now that Rachel is back both she and her children have expectations but it doesn’t go like that – they are basically strangers. Even though they don’t want to, they can’t help but feel resentment and frustration, it would be painful.

All the characters though are trying and want to be a close family and overcome these obstacles, but it’s not always successful.
Sometimes they make even worse mistakes, but it’s important they try.

The theme of the show is “trying” and they might not be able to make the world better but the important thing is to keep trying.

In upcoming episode Rachel reveals pretty much everything about why the blackout happened.
He says Jon Favreau advised him that “Rachel would tell them, so have her tell them” about blackout.

His favourite scenes coming up are also Elizabeth Mitchell’s scenes. The final moments of episode 11 is such an “insane neck snapper of a twist”.

In the first half of the season he loves when Rachel stabs the guy with the screwdriver.

Transcription made thanks to the tweets posted by @scifivision@atvgeek82@TVTango.