Revolution – Small Interviews


It keeps getting more and more interesting,” said Elizabeth Mitchell, “What can you tease? oh yeah, more people will die, how’s that?” Most people know Mitchell from Lost– the show Revolution creator J.J. Abrams is most well known for.She told us, “He draws really intricate characters in extraordinary situations and I can’t think of anything better than that.”Elizabeth Mitchell says she visits Charlotte often because her acupuncturist lives here. Source: WCNC


We asked the producers and cast of NBC’s Revolution which item that’s made possible by electricity they would miss the most if there was an actual prolonged global blackout like on the hit show.

Cars? Central heating? Perfectly formed processed snack foods? Most said the same item they were holding in their hands during the interview — their cell phone — but a few had different answers.

Ironically, not one member of the show’s team said television

Actor Elizabeth Mitchell: Cell phone
“Definitely. It’s how I stay in touch with everybody.”

Source: EW