MARCH 2010

Last time we saw Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell) on ABC’s Lost, she was dying in the arms of her true love, Sawyer (Josh Holloway), after being pulled from the bottom of the destroyed Dharma Swan station and after telling Sawyer, “I have to tell you something important.” That was in “LAX,” the two-part opener to the sixth and last season, which is now airing.

So will we see Juliet again? (Big spoilers ahead!)

Mitchell, speaking with us on the set of her other ABC series, V, in Vancouver, Canada, on Monday revealed that she will be flying back to Hawaii, where Lost films, very soon.

“I will be [flying back] again in a couple weeks, but right now there’s a bit of a honeymoon,” she said, referring to the fact that she doesn’t have to shuttle back and forth across the Pacific as she did during the filming of the first four episodes of V, which shot at the same time as Lost last year.

So we can expect to see Juliet again?

“Yeah, I think so,” Mitchell said. “I can’t say doing what, because I get the script in a couple days. … It might be for the finale. It will be towards the end, yeah.”

Will she appear as a ghost on the island? As a flashback? In the sideways universe?

Stay tuned! Lost airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: sciwire