Screen Rush

JUNE 2010

elizabethmitchellmontecarloEmily Phillips.jpgYour Highness Elizabeth

Line ’em up.

First up in our interview line though, was Lost’s very own big man, Jorge García. Now unemployed following the close of the show, he told us he only did the pilot in the first place as a free vacation in Hawaii!

Then it was on the the bevvy of stars over to promote V. The sci-fi show may be proving a bit of a slow-burn, but with the announcement of a second series, the cast were very keen to note how it just keeps getting better and better.

Garcia’s Lost counterpart Elizabeth Mitchell (pictured, with me) spoke of how great it is to have a sci-fi show pitching female protagonist against female antagonist. And the leggy actress also told me that despite her already statuesque 5 foot 9 height, she always wears high shoes, even during action sequences – because her family is so tall that she has taught herself to run perfectly in heels.

And Mitchell’s worthy adversary both in beauty and in V itself, was Morena Baccarin. Equally stunning, but completely opposite with her slightly Spock-eque pixie crop and elegant poise, she told us about containing her fiery Rio-born nature to play the calm and controlled leader of the visitors Anna.

Anna of course develops a significant interest in Eartling newscaster Chad in the show, and we got the low-down on the mind games played between the characters from Scott Wolf. And we coudn’t resist asking whether with the cancellation of Ghost Whisperer and the end of Lost, there would be a revival of . Although he admitted it wouldn’t be ripe for TV just yet, his laugh at the suggestion of a movie instead was swiftly changed to a keen “Sure, why not!”

Source: Screen Rush