Small Things

February 4

(Translation from French)

Crossing Lines Season 3 starts on Monday, March 7 at 08:45pm on 13th Street!

After the dramatic events of season 2 with the death of the character played by Marc Lavoine and the departure of William Fitchner, the series was a mini reboot with the arrival of Goran Visjnic and Elizabeth Mitchell (who play Marco Corazza Costante and Carine Strand) and Frank Spotnitz as showrunner. More rhythmic, better writing (at least in the first 3 episodes we watched), season 3 is refocusing around the team led by Donald Sutherland (Michel Darn), one of the few characters back for the new season. The story starts six months after the end of season 2.
We had the opportunity to meet Goran Visjnic (Luka on ER) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet on Lost) and they talked about season 3 in a very relaxed and funny way.

Goran: Elizabeth will talk and I’ll listen. This is how we will work. Why is this the only interview we did together?
Elizabeth: Really? It’s a great duo, it’s a shame for the others! (Laughs) Oh, look, we crossed our legs in the same way.
Goran: Yes, my legs are much more sexy than yours!
Elizabeth: You do not realize how hard it was to work with someone prettier than me!
Goran: Do not say that, do not worry about that! A little respect for you, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: But stop, you’re so fine, you’re a distraction. All the time ! It makes me laugh all the time.

SMALLTHINGS: So you’re the comic duo?
Goran: I’m not funny, this is it! I swear to you!
Elizabeth: (laughs) You see, he does not stop. He was a joy on set. I laughed all the time. Do not trust what he’s saying now, he is a gentleman and we had a great time.

SMALLTHINGS: The mood has been good during filming.
Goran: We hate each other but we try not to show it.
Elizabeth: We hate each other, he is right. (Laughs) We must tell the truth. (Laughs). No, it was a pleasure to work together. We have the same way of working.
Goran: I confirm. We have already worked together … a long time ago. It was a great experience and when I knew that Elizabeth would have been on Crossing Lines, she was casted before me, I said, “yeah! ”
Elizabeth: You know, in my contract there was a clause, I said that I could leave if I didn’t like the person who would have played Marco. (Laughs).
Goran: Really? But why you did not? What happened?
Elizabeth: (laughs). Stop it, I was so excited to see you after ER!
Goran: At the time, all the men in the cast (of ER) hoped to have scenes with Elizabeth and when we discovered we didn’t, we were disappointed. (Laughs) That’s life!
Elizabeth: (laughs) I loved my time on ER as Kimberly. I must admit that, on set, Goran was the cutest and the nicest. (Laughs). It was a great first meeting.
Goran: Well okay.

SMALLTHINGS: Let’s talk about Crossing Lines, was it difficult to be the new guys on the show?
Elizabeth: I have answered this question all day and I haven’t heard Goran’s answer. So I’ll let him start and see what he will say. Just to know if we have the same opinion.
Goran: There are many new characters this season. So honestly, it was rather easy.
Elizabeth: That’s what I said too.
Goran: The only old character is Donald [Sutherland] and it was an amazing host. He made us feel at ease immediately.
Elizabeth: Yes, very comfortable as well.
Goran: There was less pressure. I had a small advantage over others because I knew you Elizabeth and I knew Tom [Wlashiha], I shot “The Deep” for the BBC with him. So it was easier to fit in the group. Then I had the impression to know Donald.
Elizabeth: Me too! It’s weird! (Laughs)
Goran: He introduced himself in a bar when I landed in Prague. He came from behind and he made a joke to a person who didn’t know where to go. He invited me for a drink and we became friends.
Elizabeth: Same as Goran. It was a new show and the story was more centered on Donald so it was easier for us!

SMALLTHINGS: Do you know the series before?
Elizabeth: I have to say no, and I caught up with the first two seasons right after I got the role.
Goran: I did not know it either.

SMALLTHINGS: Coming here in Europe was attractive to you?
Elizabeth: I shot a movie for the BBC but I must admit that yes, coming to Europe is always something exciting. It’s different from the United States on many levels. I like this change. The last time I felt homesick, it was when I was on Lost and we shot in Hawaii. It’s always fun to change environment. Then it also helps my character, Carine. She’s also from USA and lives in Europe. We had that in common.

SMALLTHINGS: What can you say about Carine Strand?
Elizabeth: She lives her life in order to be a “good guy” and I like it. (Laughs) I try to do the same so we had something big in common!

SMALLTHINGS: Goran, and you, what can you tell us about your character Marco?
Elizabeth: It’s a loner with a mission! (With a deep voice imitating Goran)
Goran: Right. In the first scene, we see him arguing with his wife. So it means a lot. (Laughs).
The most traumatic event in his life is the abduction of his sister when he was 12. He feels responsible and it changed his life. He became a detective for this reason. He became a specialist in abductions and that’s why he joined the ICC. His behavior will be questioned by the members of the unit.

SMALLTHINGS: What can you tell us about the season 3?
Goran: I’m glad the show is about human trafficking. This is a real problem, and it is unfortunately still relevant.
Elizabeth: I agree. I think it was important to talk about that.
Goran: Young women disappear and it is traumatic. So I have to say that the story of Marco and his sister had probably left a mark on me. But I’m glad Crossing Lines tackles this subject with passion and intelligence.
Elizabeth: Me too. It does not happen away from home, it happens right now in front of us! Wherever you are, human trafficking exists, we must be aware of the fight against it.
Goran: Especially in Europe via the Balkans for example. The branches of this traffic are connected in Asia, Europe, Russia, they’re everywhere. Something has to be done.

SMALLTHINGS: Did you film at the Hague Tribunal?
Elizabeth: Unfortunately not, but I have enjoyed it.
Goran: No, unfortunately. Personally, I’ve been there, I like the imposing building but I must admit that I prefer our set.

SMALLTHINGS: Do you know if there will be a season 4?
Goran: Not yet. For now, we wait. The creative decision has not been made yet, the distribution has not started yet so we wait. “Do I move on? No I have to wait again. OK no problem.”

SMALLTHINGS: What are your projects beside Crossing Lines?
Elizabeth: I filmed the movie “The Purge 3”, it will be released soon. And then I’ll try to become President, which is the best idea I’ve ever had. (Laughs)
Goran: Nothing that I can talk about for now. I am mysterious, eh?
Elizabeth: Yes, you are very mysterious!
Goran: (coughs, “bullshit”; laughs)

SMALLTHINGS Goran, Elizabeth, I have to ask you a question about ER and Lost.
Goran and Elizabeth: With pleasure!

SMALLTHINGS Goran, do you miss Luka?
Goran: Um … Oh, my God, you take me by surprise. Wait, I’ll think about it for two seconds … I do not want to answer too quickly … Sometimes I have to say yes because it is difficult to find a series like ER and especially nowadays such a character. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, I’m not going to lie. Then that time was one of the best of my life. We’re still friends, writers and actors, we always see each other. Recently I was with Maura [Thierney aka Abby]. Luka and ER have a special place in my heart.

SMALLTHINGS: Elizabeth, what is your best memory of Lost?
Goran: Hawaii. (Laughs)
Elizabeth: You cannot imagine! (Laughs) I have many good memories. It was an extraordinary job. The actors, the writing, the place was magical. I loved all the people I was working with, I was satisfied creatively speaking but one of my best memories was around a table with all the cast.
It was night, we were on the beach, next to a fire, people played cards while waiting to film.
I remember thinking: “This is a very special moment I will remember it all my life!” I love them all.
Another memory… I had the opportunity to sing with Terry O’Quinn. We sang “A case of you” by Joni Mitchell.
We were in the mountains between scenes, we were in a beautiful forest where light was barely filtered. We sang together and you cannot imagine how I felt. It was wonderful.
I love Terry! He taught me how to throw knives too! (Laughs) One day he was there and he said, “Elizabeth, come here, I’ll teach you how to throw knives! “(With a hoarse voice) and I said okay. He did and I had the beginner’s luck. On my three shots, I hit the target every time! He only said okay and he left a little frustrated! (Laughs) I admit that it’s never happened to me again! (Laughs)

SMALLTHINGS: A big thank you!

(PS: The interview was conducted by The Feathers Asthmatics who were even kind enough to represent us. They thoroughly enjoyed the interview, and a special hug to Miss Mitchell!)