Soap Opera Update

Frebruary 21, 1995

out in the open.jpgOut in the open

After several months on Loving as Dinah Lee, Elizabeth Mitchell admits that she is still pretty unprepared for the changes that stardom has brought… especially her newfound visibility. The actress recounts a couple of amusing incidents when she was spotted looking less than her best. “I was coming out of my building this one morning, and my face was all red because my cat scratched me right between the eyes. And there was a photographer there who snapped my picture!” she says, laughing.

Another time, Mitchell was “greasy” from just working out, and was suffering from a post-facial break-out on top of it… when she was forced to face two fans who approced her while they were all shopping at Urban Outfitters. “Normally, I look bad, but these times I definitely looked worse,” she says, “It’s a good thing I’m not that vain!”

Soap Opera Update