SyFy, 3 June 2010

JUNE 2010

Last night saw Morena Baccarin, Scott Wolf and Elizabeth Mitchell take centre stage at the Apple store in Regent Street, London for an intimate Q&A session. It was fantastic to see so many fans of the Syfy hit series V packed into one end of the store and see how passionate they are about the show as it gets set for a second season.

I really have to say the real life versions of Anna, Chad and Erica are a breathtaking sight to see, each one of them glowing and looking even better off screen than they do on. Scott Wolf even received a few comments about the fact he hasn’t seemed to age since his ‘Party of 5’ days and it’s true!

The Best Bits…

Morena Baccarin (Anna)

We saw the woman behind the alien or should I say aliens, as her character Adria was brought up from her ‘Stargate’ days and the fact that she no longer dips into forums after seeing a few lude comments whilst being in Joss Whedon’s ‘Firefly’ as Inara (a space whore of sorts as she put it!). Playing Anna she carries out that provocative role well and even her costumes are created for her and her alone.

Morena was drawn to V for the dream role of Anna, she was attracted to her character and found Anna someone that inspired her, plus taught her the art of manipulation apparently! She sees V as a big, majestic show and a mirror into our lives today, health care being topical globally and the one thing it took an alien race to fix for us.

She truly does love V and whilst watching gets so involved with the characters she forgets she’s in it. Most of their scenes are filmed on green screen, so she never quite knows what something is going to turn out like, so likes to watch.

Scott Wolf (Chad)

The lone ‘wolf’ was how he described his character in V, when a member of the audience asked if we’d learn a little more about Chad Decker’s back story, so no luck fans, its work and no play for the star reporter! He’s the gray area in the war between humans and visitors, not for or against the V’s, but focusing on his own advancement at the cost of humanity. Scott still doesn’t know whether his character will prove to be more hero than villain once the second season comes around.

The role of Chad Decker was positioned to Scott as an Anderson Cooper wannabe and that helped him find his feet with the character. Scott was attracted to the script and the amount of investment that’s gone into creating V, seeing it as a popcorn thriller involving aliens landing on earth, but with a real feel to it. He even mentioned Stephen Hawkins coming out and saying he believes there’s other life forms in space, so that’s got to add weight to the show itself. Scott showed a load of charisma at the interview and camaraderie with Morena and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Mitchell (Erica)

Erica, the action hero mom that Elizabeth plays was a role she embraced, loving the fact she was the female antagonist fighting for her cause against another female protagonist Anna. She sees V in a similar way to Scott, describing it as an intelligent popcorn thriller and she was really animated in all her answers, never being phased by anything and really being quite open about anything her fans wanted to ask.

As expected there were a few ‘Lost’ questions, as some fans see Erica as quite similar to Juliet. Elizabeth laughed it off saying that both characters do ‘look’ very similar, but that’s as far as it goes! However she would like to see V continue for as long as ‘Lost’ has, as she loves playing Erica and working with Logan Huffman.

Elizabeth told us she likes to inspire love or hate in her roles, never wanting to just be mediocre and playing a mom was something she could really relate to. There was even an audience question that used the word ‘mombajomba’ to describe the kind of parent Erica was portrayed as in V! When asked where she would like to take her character in the future, she had to hold herself back from emptying the whole contents of her thoughts on us and instead said she would like Erica to have some sort of romance with Father Jack and Hobbes!

Don’t forget to catch the UK premiere of V every Tuesday at 10pm! You can catch a sneak peek of next week’s episode by clicking here too.

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