TCA 2013 Winter Tour – Report

UPDATE (Jan 7):

@EricIGN: Got to interview Elizabeth Mitchell tonight at NBC’s TCA party for the first time since V. What a ridiculously nice person.

@insidethetube (Hollywood Reporter): Isn’t she sweet? I thought she was from the Midwest because she was so nice.

@EricIGN:  So sweet! I assumed Canadian. 😉

@jillybobww:  I had a friend who worked regularly as an extra on LOST & Mitchell was her favorite actor. Apparently all the extras loved her.

@KristinDSantos: Convinced Elizabeth Mitchell and Victor Garber to get JJ Abrams drunk @ NBC party and plan an Alias reunion + Lost spinoff. You’re welcome. Elizabeth decided the #Lost spinoff should be Juliet + Sawyer just hanging out at a vending machine. Or maybe that coffee shop on Sweetzer.


As promised some reports from the TCA Panel:

Elizabeth’s lines from TCA:

@NBCRevolution: “I like Tracy Spiridakos so much. When we met, we were both instantly like, “Oh good. We’re both dorks.”

@marisaroffman (Give Me My Remote):  ”I think lunch starts next door immediately,” NBC tells us. “Oh, GOOD,” Elizabeth Mitchell says. She’s happy we’re getting fed.

@NBCRevolution: It gets better. I wasn’t surprised but gratified by what it turns out to be. -Elizabeth Mitchell on her relationship w/ Miles

@danielletbd (possiblebypopculture):

  • “Your kids tell you to go back to work!” Elizabeth Mitchell “No, I have crafts! I have more fun things we can do!”
  • “I try to be surprised by everything”
  • “When you make eye contact [with your kids], it’s really beautiful”

@TVTango: Elizabeth Mitchell says she has a weekly NO electronics day in her house. #OffTheGridMom

JJ Abrams about Elizabeth:

@NBCRevolution: “She was one of my favourites on #Lost so I was thrilled when she joined #Revolution.”

@MattMitovich: JJ Abrams on Elizabeth Mitchell’s ongoing status as “sci-fi queen”: “She just has very peculiar tastes!”


@NBCRevolution:“Love her. We have a great connection that’s really rare. We’re just like little kids together.” Giancarlo Esposito on Elizabeth Mitchell

@robmoynihan (TV GUIDE):  I just want to point out that Elizabeth Mitchell looks stunning, as always.

@marisaroffman (Give Me My Remote): Elizabeth Mitchell has a very soothing voice. #revolutionpromothoughts

@cadlymack (Zap2it): Elizabeth Mitchell is just the most likable human.

@MattMitovich: Elizabeth Mitchell is kinda purty.

@poptimal REVOLUTION star Elizabeth Mitchell applauds with relief after lunchtime’s announced. A woman after my own heart.

@rcatlin: Still, nice to see actors from fave shows on “Revolution” panel: Giancarlo Esposito of “Breaking Bad,” Elizabeth Mitchell of “Lost.”

@SeriouslyOMGWTF: I have to say that the camera hates Elizabeth Mitchell. She is so freaking gorgeous in person.

@HitFixLiane: Elizabeth Mitchell has no electronics days. And yes, she is a better parent than you. #revolution #tca13

@TVWatchtower (The TV Addict):

  • Elizabeth Mitchell with a machine gun — it is about freaking time!
  • #Revolution cast is so naturally charismatic together. They need more ensemble scenes on screen together to showcase that more.
  • Nice of J.J. Abrams to admit it is a dream to have Elizabeth Mitchell on #Lost and now #Revolution.
  • Elizabeth Mitchell was one of the biggest surprises to come out of #Lost. Her raw ferociously inside a seemingly bening character ROCKED.

@TVTherapy (Television Therapy): But I do love Elizabeth Mitchell, Giancarlo Esposito, and J.J. Abrams. So I’ll let you know if they say something of interest.