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Will Ryan turn against the Fifth Column on V? — Sam

Elizabeth Mitchell says it’s possible, since his hybrid child’s welfare is at stake. “His motivation for [working undercover] is the biggest: parent to child,” she says. “It’s a worry because Erica trusts him so completely.”

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It sounds like the Erica Admiration Society will have a new member: Chris Bolling, Erica’s old friend and new partner (The Shield’s Jay Karnes). “Of course there’s romantic chemistry, and Jay is exactly the kind of guy I’d go for,” Elizabeth Mitchell says. “He’s fun and they poke at each other. There’s a little something there [between them] and she now has several men that she likes.” Even though Mitchell says Erica trusts him, Chris won’t be inducted into the Fifth Column. “There’s all kind of secret stuff going on with him, and he’s got his own stuff to do.”

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V didn’t do so well out of the gate, and that’s a shame!! I love Elizabeth Mitchell. If I saw her in person, I would fall to my knees and bow to her. Anything fun to report on what’s coming up for Erica? — Randy

sounds like someone’s in love…and kinda creepy. So I’m not sure how you’ll take news of Erica’s possible romantic future. “She is gonna end up hooking up with somebody, and for, I think, a pretty legitimate reason,” Mitchell told us. “That’s farther down the road.” Guesses? Hobbs seems a little obvious, no? Perhaps man of God Jack Landry? (For more on V, check out Lynette Rice’s chat with Jane Badler and our chat with your girl Mitchell.)

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It seems like Erica is becoming a better leader on V. Could the Fifth Column have a chance at defeating the Visitors? — Sam

Erica will make some major missteps as the leader of the Fifth Column this season. “The [mistakes] have a massive effect, and people get hurt,” Elizabeth Mitchell tells us. But she’ll learn from her mistakes. “Some other things that she does are quite effective,” she says. “As the season goes on, she’s willing to risk more and more.”

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