TV Guide MegaBuzz – Revolution February-March

March 1 – 2013

Miles and Rachel have an amazingly mysterious and tortured history Remember the fear on Rachel’s face when she discovered Charlie had been traveling with Miles? What was all that about?  “I think it has a lot to do with what his position was and who he was,” Mitchell speculates. “I don’t know if Rachel necessarily thinks that he would hurt [Charlie] but he is a man capable of extreme violence. I think that’s where it comes from. But there’s more.” The kind of more that causes you to slap someone hello instead of stealing Monroe’s only access to power? “Good more,” Mitchell says. “It’s messy. It’s nice and messy and Rachel is morally questionable.” Ugh! Even Mitchell’s answers leave us with more questions. At least we won’t have to wait long for answers. Mitchell promises we’ll be delving into Miles and Rachel’s backstory soon!

What other show has this many badass women? Revolution has done the unthinkable on network TV: feature a cast filled with strong, inspiring women. “If you notice, all the women are incredibly tough,” David Lyons, who plays Monroe, says. “If you look at [Elizabeth Mitchell’s] character, Rachel, she’s as tough as the guys. She’s killed more people onscreen than I have!”And Rachel’s not alone. Charlie, Nora, Julia and even Maggie (RIP) have all proven their ability to get the job done under distressing circumstances. “I believe there is an essence of grace and brilliance that women embody that’s thoughtful, spiritual and intellectually far ahead of what we think about as men and so I love this writing team because I think they’re really thinking about all of that,” Esposito explains. “I really believe the saviors of our society and our compassion and our world will be female. There’s no doubt.”

Source: TV Guide

Feb 27 – 2013

What’s going to happen now that Monroe has power on Revolution?
NATALIE: If Miles, Rachel and the kids are able to escape Monroe’s helicopters — spoiler alert: they do — the group will be on a quest to turn the power back on for everyone, which is why they enlist the help of other territories, like the Georgia Federation (headed up by Leslie Hope). “Now that the stakes have changed, Rachel feels that it’s the only thing that can be done,” Elizabeth Mitchell says. “But whether or not that can be done, it’s really hard.”

Source: TV Guide