US Weekly: “What’s in my bag?”

Elizabeth_Mitchell_US_Weekly_december_8.jpgWhat’s in my bag?
Once Upon A Time star Elizabeth Mitchell, 44, tips her tote for Us.

Mitchell has fallen under the spell of natural remedies. “My doctor got me hooked on an herbal immune booster,” says the Lost alum, who plays Ingrid the Snow Queen on ABC’s fairy-tale series.
“It’s a mix of echinacea and goldenseal root, and I’ve been known to pour it directly into the mouths of my castmates!” The mom of CJ, 9, shows Us all of the cool loot in ther Coach satchel.
“Right now I’m carrying a collection of essays called “Wild Comfort: The Solace of Nature”. The way Katheleen Dean Moore writes is so breathtaking. It’s a bit of magic that you want to sit down and savor.”
“Yon-ka makes a smoothing serum that I use on my face, neck and arms – mostly because it smells so amazing! I also need Kate Somerville’s complexion-correcting sunscreen. It’s not drying at all.”
“I have a Pilot Precise V7 pen. With a big pen, my writing looks all jumbled like a doctor’s – but if I use a fine tip, it’s artistic.”
“I love Nars lipstick in Catfight. The pink can be kind of intense, so I mix it with Paw Paw ointment to tone the color down.”
“I always have an emergency slouchy hat for those days when my naturally curly hair shouldn’t be seen in public!”

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