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They first came in peace. But the “visitors” of ABC’s alien saga V are back, and now the show is ready to peel layers to reveal more of their scaly green skin — and their master plan.

The series, returning Tuesday (10 ET/PT) behind Lost, promises a new focus on a looming clash between Anna (Morena Baccarin), the aliens’ charismatic leader, and FBI counterterrorism agent Erica Evans (Lost‘s Elizabeth Mitchell), whose teenage son has been seduced by the V’s comforting embrace — and Anna’s daughter.

“In these eight episodes we’re setting up the war between the humans and the V’s,” says Baccarin. Erica is the heroine and matriarch, Anna a metaphorical one for her fleet of 29 spaceships filled with “lizardy” beings disguised as humans. “It’s definitely a battle of the two moms,” she says.

Four November installments established the premise, as wide-eyed humans watched the visitors arrive, filled with promises of miracle healing.

But executive producer Scott Rosenbaum (Chuck, The Shield), who joined the series after those episodes were completed, says his goal is to flesh out characters and “interconnect those two worlds, so we get momentum and understand how they’re going to clash.”

Viewers will quickly learn more about the aliens. “You’ll see different types of V’s and see what a V soldier is,” while learning “why a V is anatomically, psychologically different from humans: Do they have feelings? Do they have emotions? Do they feel love, pain, anger?”

Tuesday’s episode provides a quick catch-up, but Mitchell says it’s not required. V is not Lost, which was “an incredibly complex, almost miraculous situation where we were allowed to do things we were surprised we got away with. (V is) a popcorn show, which is what I loved about it. It’s good fun.”


Source: USA Today