What She Wants – January 2011

January/February 2011

What She Wants
Elizabeth Mitchell, 40, star of the ABC hit show V, shares.

Mitchell has played both lesbian and straight characters. She jokes, “When I play a straight woman, I flatter, and when I play a gay woman, I listen.” Take note: “Listen to what she’s talking about—if she mentions something once, she’s probably interested in it. Bring it up again later. She’ll be so impressed!”

“My husband [of 7 years] tells me daily that he thinks I’m beautiful,” Mitchell says. “As a result, I feel comfortable walking around naked in front of him. I feel that when he looks at me, he’s unconditionally thinking I’m hot. I’m all for it.”

“There’s nothing sexier than really taking someone in—looking at everything, and not in a critical way,” Mitchell says. Pay attention to all sensory details: “What do her lips taste like? What does she smell like? How does her hair feel? Take the time to pay attention to these details, and a woman is going to notice your effort.”

Mitchell is not a fan of neediness. She’s independent and strong, and pleased to be married to a man who’s her match. “A man needs to know himself, have his own passions, likes, and interests, and he should want to talk about those passions with me,” she says.