WonderCon 2011 Fan Reports

  • Love imagination during green screen
  • A fan just asked Elizabeth Mitchell if she cheered when Tyler died. She said no, but she did love the scene
  • When @EricIGN asked Elizabeth Mitchell if she preferred Jack or Hobbes for Erica, a fan yelled out “Sawyer!”
  • “There’s something in me that wants to talk less and fight more”
  • Someone just told Liz Mitchell: “If you ever go bi, call me.” Wow. It wasn’t me!!
    Liz found her comment to be tremendously flattering, by the way.


Then the V panel came on, with producer Scott Rosenbaum, Elizabeth Mitchell and Marc Singer. Mitchell has sort of a nervous, giddy personality completely and totally at odds with her Erica portrayal, although it might been simply being in front of such a crowd. In any event, it proves she’s a damn good actress.

Singer, whom I’ve never seen interviewed before, was impressive. He has great presence and an excellent command of the English language. He was very complimentary to Mitchell and the show, and talked a lot about how he’d waited a long time to come back to the series. He made the point that there was a great difference between the original V and the current version in that the advance of technology and society made it possible for the creators of the current show to imagine a much more sophisticated concept for the show.

I didn’t ask any questions of this panel, although I contemplated asking about their renewal chances. There was some references indicating Rosenbaum knew it was definitely not a certainty. But there wasn’t any suggestions made that they knew anything positive about their renewal chances.

Rosenbaum explained one aspect of the season 2 finale: Hobbes disappearance. There was apparently about six or seven minutes which had to be cut from the finale due to time constraints which involved an attempt to break Diana out of a cell on the mothership by Ryan and others. I can’t remember the details, but in season 3 Erica will be trying to locate Hobbes again. It’s also not certain that their relationship will be further developed and it may even turn hostile.

Rosenbaum said that in season 3, Laura Vandervoort would get to play both “good Lisa” and “bad Lisa”. Mitchell was effusive in her compliments on Laura’s acting ability.

Rosenbaum also explained some of the back concept of V. For instance, the reason the aliens are not as lizard-like as in the original is because of the concept that the V’s have been traversing the galaxy extracting genetic material from various species and therefore the design of the alien was specifically to include features from other species such as insects in addition to lizards. He also said the males don’t have tails or stingers – the females are the more powerful, which also plays into the “competing mothers” roles of Erica and Anna.

He suggested that Ryan’s daughter was a potential queen and that perhaps there would develop a “triangle” of competition between Anna, Lisa (good and bad) and the new hybrid child. That hybrid child by the way will grow quickly to adulthood, and they’ll be casting an actress in the 20-somethings to play her.

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