WonderCon 2011 IGN Report

WC 11: V’s Plans for Season 3 – What does the future hold for the sci-fi series?

IGN TV’s very own Eric Goldman moderated Saturday’s WonderCon panel for V, which saw stars Elizabeth Mitchell and Marc Singer and showrunner Scott Rosenbaum talk about the past season and their hopes for a possible third one.

“We’re very hopeful,” said Rosenbaum when asked about a Season Three. He said there’s a lot of things in the show’s favor, including good DVR numbers, and that they had more viewers at end of this season than at the end of the previous season.

Considering the second season finale saw the death of three characters, the subject was broached whether or not they will remain deceased. “How dead is dead?,” said Rosenbaum. “On this show, you never know.” Rosenbaum refused to give away too much, but he never outright denied the possibility, either. He said flashbacks are a possibility.

Rosenbaum certainly wants to explore the idea of Project Aries more in the future, as well as the further toughening of Mitchell’s heroine, FBI Agent Erica Evans, in light of the events in the season two finale.

The subject of budget cuts was brought up as a way to possibly keep the show on the air, and Rosenbaum was also asked if killing off anymore characters would also be a possibility. He said that with so many special effects now “banked,” that helps bring that part of the show’s budget down.

Rosenbaum said that he has no plans to kill any more characters if there is a third season; in fact, he’d like to introduce more into the mix, and hasn’t ruled out the possibility of bringing back other veterans of the original V series, particularly Michael Ironside and Robert Englund, to join Singer in the cast as new characters.

If fans want to help V get renewed for a third season, they are urged to check out “Project Alice” on Facebook and join the fan movement to keep V alive.

Source: IGN