Elizabeth About The Site

We created this site in 2008, but we have never thought Elizabeth could know about its existence. EMfc was born because we love Elizabeth so much and wanted to do something for her. Our intention has always been promoting her as an actress and also sharing with the rest of the world what an amazing human being she is.

In May 2012 she talked about us for the first time during an event and it was totally unexpected. Since then she’s kept doing that in public during interviews (and now on instagram) but also in private where she told us the most amazing things. It’s such an honour for us being the place she’s happy and feel safe to visit online, we have her blessing, her trust and her love. This woman has given so much to us through the years that can’t be express in words.

In 2016 she invited us for a dinner and it was magical!

NOTE: Since the end of 2020 I’ve been running the site on my own (Adry).

We are not posting private messages, but we collect lovely things she told us in the following pages: