1. Even if Elizabeth loves and supports the site, she doesn’t run it, so if you contact us, be aware you are not talking to her. To contact her, read the FAQs below.
  2. To require an interview, please contact LINK Entertainment.
  3. We do not post here/or answer about Elizabeth’s private life or anything intrusive. We respect her privacy.


  • Q: Is Elizabeth on any social network?
    A: She’s just created an official instagram account: @elizabeth.mitchell.official (November 7 – 2019). Other accounts that claim to be official are fake. She has no twitter / facebook.
  • Q: Can you give to Elizabeth a message from me?
    A: Check the info page about the fanmail or write a comment under a photo of her ig:@elizabeth.mitchell.official
  • Q: When is her new project coming up?
    A: When we can give info about that, you will be able to find it in the news. You can read more about her projects at this link.


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