Our Dinner With Elizabeth

  On July 23, 2016 we spent the most incredible three hours of our lives with a flawless human being. Elizabeth invited us for dinner to meet us because she loves her site so much and she was excited to meet us as much as we were to finally have the chance to meet her in person.

We’ve been here for so many years, but we live far away from her and it’s always been difficult to organize a meeting and when we did it in the past, it didn’t happen. So this unbelievable experience is even more significant since all the complexities we had before. To us it’s just extraordinary that she took her time to do this and we’re deeply grateful she feels that way about us.

We decided to share our experience with you only to let you know what an amazing woman she is and because we had the fanbook with your messages we promised you to give to her.

Since some of you asked, beside the video of her thanking the fans who wrote her messages in our fanbook project, we didn’t take so many photos actually. It wasn’t like a fan encounter or an event where you take pics. It was a private meeting and we’ve actually never thought about taking pics till the last minute.

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(These are two pics where she’s looking at us, took just before the video)

Elizabeth is so much more than what you think. She made us feel at home and took care of us.

She is such a down to earth person that she’s even introduced her family to us. <3 CJ is the smartest and the cutest little guy and her boyfriend is really really nice, he made such a good impression on us. 🙂

She totally made us feel so part of her life that beside being a little bit nervous (because OMG she is our queen) we felt like we were having a normal conversation with someone we knew. She actually created this family atmosphere and it was so deeply beautiful.

The fact that she was so excited and happy to meet us is seriously incredible and mind-blowing and that proves how precious this woman is. She told us she wanted to meet us from so long.
It’s not like she has never told us how grateful she is for the site (she always tells us the most beautiful things), but feeling and seeing how genuinely she cares about us also as persons was really on an all other level.
We know we put so much love and work into EMfc and that’s only because our love and respect for Liz is seriously infinite, but her words have always felt too much for us anyway. We think we couldn’t fully and completely understand them till now.
It isn’t only what she told us (which is so moving and touching and filled our hearts) but the big and small gestures she had for us, beside the whole dinner. She did everything to make this experience perfect and she actually succeeded and made everything more than flawless (just like her).

Among other things she said that the site represents her and her thoughts, that what we write here is also the way she is and thinks. We have never thought about something like that, not even for a moment. It was hard to believe that she could actually feels what we feel, but she really does.

We can’t really express our joy in words for what she decided to give us and we are not talking about the 3 magical hours, we are talking about the trust she has in us.
We have never imagined she could actually feel this way about us.
We are so honoured she chose us, we have always been, now we are even more.

And she was also so funny when she explained what she does when she comes on the site or when she always give EMfc link to the people she knows and they get impressed by the site and tell her “how’s that possible that someone do something like that? Nobody has this.” And she always replies “I do, I have this.” She’s so adorable!
She said that the interviews showed in The Purge: Election Year are took from our site. :OOOO *Blushing* Knowing that the production took them from here makes us so happy because we feel we did visually something for Liz. <3

She also described to us when she told her boyfriend we told her we were going. She’s so incredibly sweet! She said so many things and did so many things, but seriously this woman is exactly how people always describe her, no… she’s more than that.

We brought her some gifts. Stefania gave her the bag with some of them. She opened it and noticed something for CJ and she was happy about it but put it away because he was out with her boyfriend when we arrived. She probably wanted to meet us alone first. How sweet!

Then she took the book with your messages. It was a project we made for the WSC, we never forgot about this, guys! We know how much important was for you to give her your messages! We reprinted the book last year with messages/photos/fanarts by her fans only.
We know some of you weren’t here when we created it, we’re so sorry we didn’t have the time to make it again because we only had a few days to organize our trip so it was impossible. [To know more about the fanbook, visit this page.]

Anyway Elizabeth was very happy about the book, she opened it, she read the introduction we wrote (we’ll post a photo of it below so you can all read it), she even leafed through some pages and saw some of your messages and photos. She was so full of joy for it and she had a big smile on her face the whole time. She said she’ll keep it in a very special place in her house! 🙂

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We wanted to do something funny so we signed the book with our names. When she saw that, she got so excited and exclaimed “I have your signatures!!!”. Words can’t express how adorable she was!


We recorded this video at the end of the dinner. She thanks you all for the book. Watch it below, she’s so amazing!


Liz hugged all her gifts and showed them to her boyfriend and about the book he said that she will have something to read that will make her smile. Yes!!! This is what we wanted!

Our second gift is a custom funko pop of the Snow Queen (see the pics below) and she totally adored her so much.

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We thought about Ingrid because of what she said about how she got the role and that doll is so cute.

It was very nice because she kept her on the table till the dinner started, then she had her put on the furniture in front of her in order to take a look at her from time to time during the dinner. <3

There was also something from our Country for CJ and the kid was so happy about it. <3 We didn’t know but we actually gave him something of his favourite things. <3
He also said that the gift was awesome already because the gift bag was so cool. He’s really so amazing just like his mom!

The last gift was very personal and important to us. It was a plate with a dedication. We tried to express in a few words what she means to us (see the photo below).

We are so happy Elizabeth loved it so much, she even asked her boyfriend to take a pic of her with us and the plate with her phone. 😛 She said she will keep it in a place where she can see it all the time. So incredibly sweet! She also asked us if she can show her boyfriend our gifts (book included). How lovely! She hugged the plate for a while. <3

It’s impossible to express how much grateful we are for what she did for us and how grateful we are for her in general!

Elizabeth is such an extraordinary woman and by the way she gives the best and tightest hugs ever! We will never forget! <3

We miss her so much! <3

Beside this and the conversations about the gifts, we talked about personal things, so this is all, lovelies!

We made a few reports after this experience, but we collected the most important parts in this page. Anyway if you want to read them, these are the links where you can find them.

You can also check the tag in the news of the site.

Elizabeth about us.