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    EM = Elizabeth Mitchell – MC = Morris Chestnut – RM = Riccardo Martinez

    RM: Hey guys, I’m Riccardo Martinez with
    ABC.com. I’ve done a little research to find out what you guys wanna
    know “V”, which premieres this fall on ABC.

    I got the questions right here and the cast is sitting with him, so let’s start with question number 5.

    EM: You can start with that 3.

    Never mind!

    RM: We’re gonna start with question number 3.

    V is known for having real hard fans stated back to the original series, why do you think the show has such college following.

    EM: You know,ok here what’s drawn me into things: there’s this
    feeling that I have where I know that I’m gonna have an happy hour if I
    watch it. I feel like the original had that. It was an escape, it was an
    hour of an escape that we can buy into.

    RM: So that brings us to number 4. We’re gonna go back from number 3 to number 4.

    EM: This is awesome!

    MC: This is…

    EM: You kind of mix it up, right?

    RM: Little crazy.

    EM: Totally crazy!

    RM: How is this different from the original series?

    MC: This is not a continuation of the original. There’re new characters, there’re new issues, it’s a reimagining of the show.

    EM: We had a male protagonist in the original, and now you have me. So…!

    MC: Exactly.

    RM: That’s different.

    EM: That’s different. I still have a son, so that part of it still works. You have that feeling of needing to save your heart.

    MC: One of the main difference obviously is the tecnology. Our special
    effects are like years ahead of what they were because they were in the

    EM: I feel like ours are pretty slick.

    MC: Oh yeah! I think ours are very slick.

    EM: Yeah!

    RM: Which brings us to question number, I guess we had 3 and 4 so let’s do 5.

    EM: Whao!

    RM: What is your character all about?

    MC: I have mysterious sides to my character that I can’t reveal to all the viewers in.

    EM: Basically his relationship, the relationship he has with the love of his life just can’t be.

    RM: So that brings us to question number 2, which is: what do you think the new generation is gonna love about the premiere?

    MC: There’s a lot of surprises in the pilot episode.

    EM: I don’t even care if it has been leaked and you think you’ve
    seen it. It still will shock you. I read the script, I read everything,
    I watch that first thing for the first time and I did one of this (she

    MC: Oh yeah right, right!

    EM: As did my husband, he was next to me, he did the same thing,
    we both did this same weird little jerk and his mom who knew nothing,
    she was like “OH MY GOD”, so…!

    RM: So there’s a lot of surprises.

    EM: Yeah! And there’s Morris Chestnut.

    MC: And Elizabeth Mitchell. In the bed!

    Juicy in the bed!

    RM: In the bed! So that brings us to number 1: is there a secret about the aliens that you can tell us?

    EM: They’re stronger.

    MC: They have tecnology.

    EM: They discovered the secrets to how manipulating gravity. And they have some weapons that are kind of horrifying.

    RM: Well I mean…

    EM: Oh is that a good secret? I don’t know. Is that? Oh ok good!

    MC: If we reveal it, it will no loger be a secret.

    EM: Yeah!

    RM: So I guess the only way we have to is to watch the show.

    EM: There is that.

    RM: Which premieres this fall on ABC, I’m a fan of the original, I can’t wait for the premiere.

    EM: Me too!

    RM: Thanks so much for stopping by.

    MC: Thank you!

    EM: Thank you! Well done!

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