1 thought on “Scream Awards 2009 Elizabeth Says Recycle

  1. I have to know about V.

    Elizabeth Mitchell: “Well we’re going to see a lot tonight. Are you guys going to be in there tonight?”

    No, so you have to tell me now.

    Elizabeth Mitchell: “Because you know it won’t be there for a while.
    It’s all pumped up. I swear that’s exactly what happened – they went
    back and they pumped it up. It’s really fun. Do people still say that?
    Pumped it up? But yeah, they did. It’s really fun. I come home with far
    more bruises. I’ve invested in Epsom salts. It’s nice.”

    How does it compare to the original series?

    Elizabeth Mitchell: “Some of the premises are the same, and some of
    them are a bit different. Some of the ideology is a little bit
    different, but the essential truth is obviously the same. Some of the
    posters I’ve seen there’s a little tag that says ‘Spoiler: They’re
    lizards’. Well, yeah, we know that. But it should be full of a lot of
    mystery. There should be some things that really captivate you, and
    there’s enough kind of going on with the characters that you get drawn
    in by that too. My mom liked it, and she’s not really a sci-fi lady so
    that was really lovely.”

    That says a lot.

    Elizabeth Mitchell: “I thought so, yeah.”

    Are you a lizard?

    Elizabeth Mitchell: “At this point I don’t think that I am, but you never know with these guys.”

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