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    GMA: You’re looking at Elizabeth
    Mitchell, in a scene from “v,” the sci-fi story about human fighting
    aliens. She plays an F.B.I agent, Erica Evan, risking her life to get to
    fight the invaders.

    Was that pretty good?

    EM: Really good, you made it sound so really good. I liked that. That was very good.

    GMA: “V” is for visitors, right?

    EM: “V,” is for visitors. Or victory. Depending on what show…yes, but absolutely.

    GMA: So you’ve been on “v,” and “LOST”. I would love to see your e-mail list.

    EM: My e-mail list is pretty good. I
    have a password on my phone because I’m afraid it will get stolen. I
    have assumed names for everybody. It’s good.

    GMA: It’s quite a tense.

    EM: It’s lucky.

    GMA: We weren’t sure when you were on “lost,” if you were good or bad.

    EM: Yes.

    GMA: But you were. And the way you died. Did you see it?

    EM: That was sad.

    GMA: It was just

    EM: They did a good job. Hey, sad is sad, but sometimes it’s nice to cry. Yeah, daughters, tears, good.

    GMA: Yeah. Give us the pitch on why people should watch “V”

    EM: Oh yeah yeah “V”, it’s because it’s
    really fun. And coz’ there’s lots of beautiful guys in it. And women.
    And I don’t know. It’s great fun. It’s a popcorn show. Nice to lose
    yourself every once in a while.

    GMA: It’s what we need then.

    EM: I think so.

    GMA: Give us the pitch on why you’re giving out the coats.

    EM: Yes. Here is this coat. This coat is
    to help people stay warm. And I’m so happy that you made this big
    enough that I don’t miss because when they said throw it in, I said
    “Okay. I’m going to miss. And that’s embarrassing.” But should I throw
    it in?

    GMA: Please. All right. Well done.

    EM: Thank you guys! That was good. Thank you very much.

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