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  1. Transcription by Elisa

    Kristin: So we’re gonna see some of the mother-daughter dynamic in the coming episodes, what can you tell us about that?

    Elizabeth: Yes! Well, that I love Tracy. You talk to her, right?

    Kristin: Yeah, she’s amazing.

    Elizabeth: Down to earth, kind, little ninja, she can do anything. Sweetest face, I mean she is just wonderful and she’s a lovely actress, she gets in there and works, you know and does it …so beautiful. We love our scenes together, we always laugh at Rachel and her parenting ‘cause you’re kind like “Really? That’s it? That’s what you have to say?”. So you know, it’s a fractured, a fractured mother, like a horribly, you know, abused woman whose now has an adult daughter that she did a wonderful job parenting to a certain point and then was just gone. And there is all those issues and it’s sad, you don’t want it to be so sad, you want them to just kinda of get along. And it’s hard to staff but it’s really interesting to watch, to do it’s really fun and juisy
    and cool.

    Kristin: I know, Erik Kripke was saying that the first half of the season he felt like perhaps the shocking twist needed to come a little bit… more..

    Elizabeth: Who choose giving so many twists in one thing, who ever?

    Krtistin: I know, I have to say, I didn’t feel like it was slow-paced at all, but do you feel that the second half of the season is faster-paced?

    Elizabeth: Yeah, I do, I mean he’s not lying, that guy (not perceived) and has a wonderful, you know, life outside that, which makes him a nice person, but he.. he’s, yeah, he gets faster, it’s swashbuckling, he does just exactly what you wanna to do. I mean, his idea is to entertain and he keeps entertaining and you know, with that idea of having, you know, complex, interesting characters in extraordinary backgrounds, it’s keep going with that, it’s my favourite kind of show.

    Kristin: What kind of teases can you give for your character that we’re gonna see coming up?

    Elizabeth: Oh, I only have one, so not remotly satisfying.

    Kristin: So let’s just make one up, even if it’s not true.

    Elizabeth: Yeah, all right, sure.

    Kristin: Even if it’s not true.

    Elizabeth: Oh my gosh..

    Kristin: Something really scandalous.

    Elizabeth: I get together with…No, we always talk about if Rachel’s been with…

    Kristin: Josh Holloway’s guest starring in and.. yeah

    Elizabeth: Josh.. Great lips!

    Kristin: Let’s make that happen by the way..

    Elizabeth: We should make that happened.

    Kristin: Just as like a great little cameo in the background.

    Elizabeth: That name came up a lot. He’s so lovely! He’s so..

    Kristin: I’m missing him from my television I have to say.

    Elizabeth: Oh I’m missing him in my life, what a sweet guy, you never expected him to be so sweet.

    Kristin: When do we get the spin off?

    Elizabeth: I don’t know, I’ve been looking for it.

    Kristin: After Revolution is over?

    Elizabeth: Yeah, let’s do that.

    Kristin: And we are doing the Juliet

    Elizabeth: Sure!

    Kristin: And Sawyer’s spinoff.

    Elizabeth: Spin off, where they are just happy.

    Kristin: Just them and the vending machine.

    Elizabeth: Yeah. Aww!

    Kristin:Are you okay with that?

    Elizabeth: I love that!

    Kristin: Is there any kind of romance coming up for your character?

    Elizabeth: I think that there’s a little bit of romance for everybody in different ways and I like that because I don’t feel like you’re gonna have an action-adventure without a little “I will find you”,
    you know, like I think (not perceived) be there a little bit. I do. And I mean, that’s what all works: love, it’s good and then other stuff gets to you.

    Kristin: Did you still have crazy LOST fans coming up to you? All the time, I would imagine that you do.

    Elizabeth: I would just say that I get so lucky, the people come to be are so nice, and you know what I think?

    Kristin: I meant crazy in the best way, and I am one of them!

    Elizabeth: Oh in the best way ever! No, here’s the thing: I believe that the dork in me appeals to the dork in others, And I think what that means is that people come up with their dork full intacted And they say wonderful things and I say wonderful things back and it’s just a lovely time!

    Kristin: I’m so happy you’re in the show.

    Elizabeth: Thank you!

    Kristin: I think you’re such a fantastic addition to it. So that makes me excited to see the second half of the season..

    Elizabeth: I’m excited to see what happens to this poor woman.

    Kristin: And when you get the call about the Juliet and Sawyer spin off..

    Elizabeth: I’m taking it.

    Kristin: you’ll call me, alright?

    Elizabeth: Yeah, I’ll call you.

    Kristin: You say yes.. you call me to tell me about it.

    Elizabeth: Well I’ll bring Josh with me and you have a one-at-one with Josh where I just kinda of cheer you on!

    Kristin: I mean if I have to see him, twist my arm, I guess it’s my job.

    Elizabeth: We should all sit on the couch and he could sit in the middle, right? And you could just talk and it would be really fun!

    Kristin: Now you’re just in my dreams, now you’re just in my head, I don’t know how you’re tappend into that.

    Elizabeth: Oh that Josh… He’s the sweetest.

    Kristin: Don’t tell to my husband

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