1 thought on “Revolution 2×07 Set Interview: Under The Influence

  1. (Transcription)

    Tracy: David played it so brilliantly but he’s so freaking cute, when he was waking up, we all…
    me and Elizabeth were just dying behind the screen.

    Elizabeth: My character’s supposed to hate him and you can see me in the background almost kinda like smile a little. I mean Rachel hates him, but he is not like the Monroe we’ve grown to hate and you know, I have always had a hard time with the fact that he killed her son because he
    didn’t actually tried to just kill her son, so every time I say that, I am always like “You know he was really just trying to kill all of us.” See it’s much better, right? It’s not specific.

    David just looked like a little angel and made the whole thing so odd and weird. We all walked out of set and we’re all like “We like Druggie Monroe.” Because he’s interestingly neutralized, he just tuned into a really sweet guy.

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